Anti Wrinkle Pillow

Anti Wrinkle Pillow

Anti Wrinkle Pillow

Reduce unwanted face and chest wrinkles by changing your sleeping position with our Anti Wrinkle pillow!

The patented design of the “Back-to-Sleep” anti-wrinkle pillow makes it easy to sleep on your back.

“Sleeping on your stomach or one of your sides means there is constant pressure on your face. Over time, this action will produce unwanted sleep lines. You can remedy this by sleeping on your back, says Dr. Jaliman, this way you will not apply any pressure to your face. For many people though, this might be uncomfortable, and you can’t control your involuntary sleep movement leading you to a side or stomach position. But, you can practice and can get used to it over time. (

The Back to sleep pillow is a great way to learn to sleep on your back.  Our Anti-wrinkle pillow encourages you to sleep on your back by cradling your head in its unique patented cut out.  This wrinkle reducing pillow will help minimize both face and chest wrinkles.

“Sleeping on your back makes it easier for our head, neck, and spine to align and keep it in a neutral position.  No extra pressure or curves are being added to the back” as confirmed by Medical Daily.

The Back-to-Sleep anti-wrinkle pillow offers two sizes of cervical support which helps to maintain that important neutral position.

Get a great night’s sleep and reduce wrinkles  with our anti-wrinkle “Back-to-Sleep” pillow!