Our Mission

The Back-to-Sleep Pillow aims to provide the ultimate comfort for back-sleeping.

Specifically, the Back-to-Sleep pillow will:

  • help slow wrinkle development and encourage wrinkle reduction,
  • satisfy your desired neck support preference
  • keep your head cool throughout the night
  • give you the option to lean your head left or right, while still maintaining a comfortable back-sleeping position

In short, our mission is to provide a pillow that helps make back-sleeping enjoyable.

Designed & Made in the USA.

Manufactured in Southern California - keeping jobs local!

The patented Back-to-Sleep Pillow is made with:

  • Viscoelastic Memory Foam
  • Naturally anti-microbial
  • Ventilated core along with Cool Flow memory foam material offers Best Possible Sleeping Temperature and Superior Heat Dissipation
  • 100% Organic Cotton cover included.
  • Hypoallergenic Organic Bamboo Cover sold separately.


It was important for me to maintain high material standards and have final say on quality assurance - that’s why I choose to have the Back-to-Sleep Pillow made here in the USA.
— Liz Tiffin, Designer & Owner of SleepTime Products, LLC.

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