We Take Bedtime Seriously

When we sleep better, we feel better.

Great sleep often comes from sleeping on your back - the trick is staying that way all night long.

With that in mind, we set out to create a pillow that would make it easy and comfortable to sleep on our backs.  And while we were at it, we went ahead and designed it with two neck alignment sizes.

Discover the other benefits the Back-to-Sleep Pillow delivers.

Benefits of Back-Sleeping

The Back-to-Sleep Pillow provides the ultimate comfort for back-sleeping, while at the same time helping to reduce wrinkles by encouraging you to sleep on your back throughout the entire night.


The Back-to-Sleep Pillow was designed to help you sleep on your back because sleeping on your back is normally best - but you do have options. Whether you prefer a firm pillow or something softer, a lot of neck support, or just a little - the Back-to-Sleep Pillow provides it all.  

in the USA

It was important to us to build a product that not only solved a problem, but was something we could be proud of as we share it with others. That's why we choose to have the Back-to-Sleep Pillow made here in the USA.

What Back-to-Sleep Pillow Users are Saying...

“I found The Back-To-Sleep pillow to be very supportive to my neck, keeping my head more centered vs. going left or right.”


— David

“As a menopausal woman, I REALLY like the 'stay cool' quality – I don't have to go to bed with an ice pack now!”


— Beverly

The Back-to-Sleep Pillow

Patented Design

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