The Back-to-Sleep Pillow Story

The Problem

When I entered my mid forties, I noticed my skin wasn't as soft and supple as it had been in my twenties and thirties.  I also noticed the appearance of not fine wrinkles- but deep creases, especially on my chest, that were hard to ignore.  Like many women I tried various creams and lotions, some provided temporary improvements but no permanent "cure".  I also did some research and learned that sleeping on your back was a better position to help reduce chest wrinkles than my habitual side sleeping.  The problem was that I couldn't sleep on my back! 

The Pursuit of a Solution

I wedged pillows on each side of my head to try to support it but they never stayed in place and I was soon back on my side.  With my background in product design I set out in my garage in the quest of making a pillow that would cradle my head and provide the support I wanted so I could sleep on my back.  15-20 prototypes later I had in my hands the preliminary Patent Pending Back-to-Sleep Pillow.  With the help of a local shop we produced a pattern that we were able to take to a local Southern California manufacturer who produced my first "Back-to-Sleep" pillow two years after I started down this road. 

The Solution, Tested

It took me nearly three months to train myself to sleep on my back.  Not easy, I have to admit, but the pillow gave me the support I needed.  Then we started to notice other benefits as friends and family started to try the product.  My friends' mentioned that they fell asleep quicker, and most people said they felt like they had a more restful night's sleep with less tossing and turning.  My friend who had knee surgery said the pillow helped her sleep through the night and my brother who uses a CPAP machine said the Back-to-Sleep pillow makes it easier for him to get a good night's rest. People also talked about the high quality of the materials and the total comfort of the design.  I'm hoping the "Back-to-Sleep" pillow can help you get a better night's sleep too - one with fewer wrinkles and less tossing and turning.