Face Wrinkles

The Back-to-Sleep Pillow helps to reduce wrinkles by encouraging you to sleep on your back throughout the night. - it really is that simple.

Side or stomach sleeping causes creases to form on your cheeks, chin and forehead as the sides of your face are pressed into your pillow while you sleep.

The Back-to-Sleep Pillow was designed to cradle the back of your head to promote healthy back sleeping.  Alleviating the creases and allowing gravity to smooth the skin- naturally.

Chest Wrinkles

As we age, our skin looses its elasticitycausing wrinkles to appear.  One of the first places wrinkles appear on women is on their chest, an area known as the décolletage.

The sun is to blame for some of it - so too is sleeping on your side

As we side sleep, the weight of our bodies and breasts causes creasing in the décolletage area.  Changing your sleeping position can greatly reduce the formation of fine lines and wrinkles on your chest.  Sleeping on your back allows the natural force of gravity to help reduce the wrinkles that would otherwise develop while you sleep.


Recent Surgery

Have you had a recent surgery such as knee or hip replacement, cervical or spinal fusion, breast reconstruction/augmentation or a facelift?  After many surgeries it is suggested to sleep on your back to aid in the recovery from the surgery or it's simply too painful to sleep on your side or stomach.  Our patented Back-to-Sleep pillow can help you as you recover from surgery by cradling your head and providing cervical support which makes it easier to sleep on your back.

Use a CPAP or Other Medical Device

Do you use a CPAP machine or other medical device that makes it difficult to sleep on your side?  The Back-to-Sleep pillow helps you to sleep on your back with our patented design.  Our pillow provides cervical support for your neck and cradles your head on the sides, making it easier to sleep on your back.


Stay Cool Technology

The Back-to-Sleep pillow is manufactured with Cool Flow memory foam.  This special foam along with the unique ventilation holes help to keep the pillow cool throughout the night.  No need to flip your pillow to find the "cool" spot.



Acid Reflux

Do you use a wedge pillow or raise the head of your bed to provide relief from acid reflux?  If so then sleeping on your back is the goal to help reduce the symptoms of acid reflux.  Our patented Back-to-Sleep pillow is the perfect companion with a wedge pillow (or a bed where the head is elevated) to help you sleep on your back at a slight incline throughout the night.  The Back-to-Sleep pillow cradles your head and supports your neck helping to increase the benefits of the wedge pillow and reducing the symptoms of acid reflux.

Ready to sleep better?